Tech stack

This site is built using several open source components and utilizes certain third-party services for operation:

    • Github for source code repository and awesome site hosting
      Docpad static site architecture and code generation
  • More information about specific components used is available in the Docpad source code for the website, which is separate repository from the generated code.

    Developing source code

    This section is relevant only if you are a web developer. Docpad is used for generating the static source for this website. So please make changes on the Docpad source repository, generate the static code and then merge it to gh-pages branch. The generated source code for this website is available on gh-pages branch. Please keep in mind that you would need to merge back any change made to the text content on the static webpage.

    Editing text content

    Please request your developer to make any site layout, design or content changes. Alternately, you should read the following information carefully if you want to edit the text content of the website.

    You can modify the text on the website using using the Github edit page interface. For this you need to have necessary permissions to the lightwizard github repository - please ask your developer.

    To edit, select the appropriate file on the Github web interface and click the "edit" button on top. To finish changes to a file, add a commit message to summarise the changes done and click the "save" button. You should ideally use the Zen mode for a fullscreen editing. You need to ignore any surrounding HTML code whilte altering the text content.

    Thankfully github keeps history of all the changes, so if you make a mistake, nothing is lost. You would need help from the developer to undo any damage.