It is impossible to transcribe the grandeur of Eric Cooper's work on a two dimensional webpage. We started this website because we felt a strong desire to make Eric's work available to the collective memory of human civilization. The Internet. It has a wonderful power of compressing time and distances into a single click. This power exponentially multiply the innate nature of the Art - to be an island of inspiration in our mundane lives.

Our hope is that you feel the same inspiration and can take it to your own line of work.


All original artwork showcased here, was created or restored by Eric 'Lightwizard' Cooper. Content, photos and editorial oversight is provided by Cythare Cooper. The website is designed & developed by Rahul.


All the original artwork is the copyright of Eric 'Lightwizard' Cooper. All the photos were selected, scanned and processed by Cythare Cooper. If you want to use any photos from this website, please send a request using the contact information on the homepage.

While all the content and photos are copyrighted, the source code of this website is developed using several open source components and third party services. Any custom written code for the website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This does not change any existing licenses or terms for any components or services used for this website.